I was wrong. I shouldn’t have shared.

I think,  after many years,  I finally figured out why I fail,  when all those around me succeed.

When I earn, find, or win something, I’ve always shared, whether it’s going out, going to an event, or even working on a project. I include those I want to be with, even if they don’t have money to spend.

This never seems to reciprocate well, and at the end of the day no one returns the favor. So I’m left with nothing, not even what I should have for myself.

It comes down to greed, screw over the other guy, I’m going to get mine.

I wasn’t born with greed and hate in my heart, but this country, this system, breeds that hatred, that greed, this..contempt.

On any given day…

I would do my job, and pick up slack of others to make sure the team does well, without begging for attention over what to me, is a routine day. I would not complain, just step up when the time came, that it was needed.

I’d be overlooked for promotions, and due to my lack of brown nosing, would just fade into the woodwork on a daily basis. Managers and owners not even noticing the amount of effort put in by one hard working person, who believed, somehow that if you work hard, you’ll be appreciated and get ahead.

No, it’s the actors, the charlatans that let others make them look good, and cry for credit when something goes right, that win in the end.

We wonder why this country is bound to fail? You allow those who CANNOT do the job, supervise the ones who can.

50 years ago, you’d start the lowest career point you could, and you show up and do your job well, and you could rise through the ranks, because of experience, being able to handle the positions of those who work as part of your team.

Today, they haven’t the slightest clue of how to do the job that they tell others to do.

In work, in life, we are all on the same team, until the world is at a point to understand that. It is destined, if not determined to fail.

Wake up. It’s a slippery slope, and it will be a very painful morning if you keep your eyes closed.

Definition…. for those who try to define.

Ah, time for a bit of definition,  for those who won’t ever get it.  Unfortunately, it is the jaded view of society today.

Let’s start with this, for the ladies, the definition of a man, not what society describes, because our views,  are not real.

A real man doesn’t make a million dollars, a real man doesn’t care how much you spent on your hair, nails,  outfit, and knows that those things don’t make you a “real” woman.

A real man,  sees when you’re having a good day,  loves it, and you.  A real man sees you having a bad day,  and will drop every piece of trivial bullshit in his life, to make your day,  that one moment, better.  Not prefect, better.

Better, by being there,  by being the support you need,  WHEN, you need it.  By building you up, and wanting better for you, making you happy,  even when he has no clue where to start. 

A real man knows, money, is not the source of happiness,  though, in this greed driven world, does grease the wheels that roll towards enjoyment.
But,  it’s relative, there’s plenty of moments, that are truly unforgettable and amazing, that cost not one penny.

A real man, misses you when he’s not with you, and he makes sure you know.
He doesn’t spend tons of money on you,  he spends his time.  Which,  is more important than money.  You can replace  money,  you can’t replace time. He gives you freely, such a finite resource, that you can’t regain.

A real man,  doesn’t need to be perfect,  most likely,  isn’t super successful, hell, he may be barely self sustaining, but he’ll give everything,  for the one that matters. 

Keep this in mind,  when any person makes a decision that money is a more important dating criteria, than time and company shared or wanted, they’ve already lost.

You can’t find happiness in a wallet, if you can,  you don’t deserve what truly matters in this world.

A real woman,  sees the difference, and knows the true value of a man,  that would rather cook you dinner, and do the dishes when you’re stressed, overwhelmed,  exhausted, or sick,  than to waste his time, because his time has value, and he values you.

A real woman, appreciates the one who values her.