So, having a conversation with a friend the other day.  To give you a perspective,  he’s the type of person,  that no matter what he has, he wants more,  needs more.  Now, I am the exact opposite, I feel, that stuff is stuff, value has NOTHING to do with money. Value, is what something, means to you. I have plenty of things, that have no dollar value, but are worth more than anything to me.

Value, to me, at the end of the day, is not about the stuff you buy, and the things you have and give to each other, but what’s left at the end of the day.

I don’t buy ridiculous things for my daughter on the holidays, I spend time with her, we do things, that may or may not cost money, that has more value than any toy she’ll get, break, lose, or forget.

I value the friends I have, because I don’t have to be going out spending money all the time to have fun, sometimes it’s as simple as a conversation.

We are losing that part of society, the social part, everything is me,me,me,me.
I need this, I need that… no you don’t.

Money is what I am getting to, how can we place such importance, on something, that tomorrow, can have no value, by no fault of your own. I hear the argument, that won’t happen, that can’t happen.   It has, it can, and it will.

To be fair, yes, you still get paid in money, the utility company still accepts it, and you can go buy everything you need.

It is only a matter of time, when the division of wealth and resources, will make what you have, useless to those who have everything. You can’t support their greed with your earnings, and soon, you as with most, will be disposable. When the elite want their gourmet dinner, that food will come from your mouth, and the mouths of those you love. Once you have no more to give, they will find a way, to take what you cannot give, which is all you are.

When you can’t buy what you need to live, the value comes not from the worthless money you’ve wasted your existence chasing, but what you are capable of without it.

Educate yourself, learn to create what you need, not try to figure out what else you have left for them to take.

Be wise.


Another day.

So,  today,  a day like any other.  Turns out like any other.  I’m alone, can’t sleep, bored, and broke. These are all pretty horrible on regular days, today a week from Christmas, makes all of that slightly worse. This is the time of year,  well at least for the last 5 years or so, that highlights my hidden depression. I loathe the holidays, not because I’m broke and can’t afford gifts like I would like for those in my life,  but because, it reminds me how truly alone I am.

My daughter typically travels to Florida with her mother for Christmas,  she gets to see her cousins,  and aunt and uncle that she only rarely gets to see. I’m glad she gets to see her family on her mothers side. It’s much nicer than my family setting. I don’t have much for close family anymore,  and as I’ve aged with the world around me, the close friends I’ve had, have drifted away.

I’m glad everyone has something going on, a special someone to share these days, and those quiet nights. These days, all days, are meant to share. Sometimes the one you choose to share your days with,  doesn’t want to share theirs with you. I wouldn’t wish the loneliness I have upon anyone.
There never seems to be anyone that wants share my time, without underlying reasons. More importantly, no one I feel,  is ever who I want to share my time with.


So,  I must say, insomnia,  couldn’t have come on a better couple of days. Where I live,  most of us expected 2 feet of snow by now,  instead, record high temps, 2 days in a row. 65-70 degrees in December. Beautiful. I’ve watched the sunset, and sunrise, three days in a row. Each it’s own kind of awesome, it’s a shame people today don’t enjoy what’s around them as much as we, or our parents and grandparents did.

Today,  we buy the newest gadgets, find the newest and coolest places. What’s different,  what’s changed, that’s what we want,  until we have it,  then we don’t want it.   We search for things that weren’t here yesterday, and won’t be here tomorrow, value the things,  not the connections in our lives,  the people that you want to be there when nothing else is.

Today,  we treat people,  each other,  like disposable tech, toys that are awesome, but that one, that other one, has or does one more thing, that cool, new thing.

The truth is, that’s not real, this perceived existence we live in, is merely a farm for product, what product?  … Revenue, sales, the almighty *cough* dollar.

We are merely cattle, sheep even, in a system created to funnel labor and wealth to the global hierarchy. They say “it takes money, to make money,” in reality it is, “To make money, is to take money.”

We slave away, to return it to those that allowed us to hold our tickets to work, for, the rest of our lives.
This, which, to most sheeple, would be exactly they expect, plan, and even hope for. They simply wouldn’t know what to do when needing to do something for themselves.

We are, at a species level, workers. We want, we NEED to work, to define ourselves, to occupy, and provide purpose to the time we have while living. Some, do enjoy doing nothing, but a very few, those to which they change, or adapt their lifestyle to what allows them to “keep keeping on.”

The system doesn’t allow for ascension, you may feel rich, you may be successful, you, however, are not. The system forces you to be a mere member of upper management in the planetary agenda. They force how you keep, where you keep, and what you do with your assets. With taxation, regulations, legal requirements, and absurd policies, until they choose, to return you to the ranks, by means of legal prosecution, abhorrent taxes, and policy changes.

The real value, the real meaning of life, is all around us. We were given a beautiful system, in which we are a mere piece of, and distorted, and twisted it, till it begins to die, and it has.

This beautiful system, has given us the intelligence, the means, and the tools to live harmoniously within it, but we choose to destroy everything we can, to take what ever fleeting value we need it for, at that moment.

We fracture the bedrock, on which we lay our feet, our head, and our children on, and believe we will stand. This world, as a whole, is a living thing, and when attacked, will defend it self in ways never imagined, let alone planned for. Earthquakes, ridiculous weather, global warming, the entire thing will change, until it restores balance.

We need to restore the balance, use the means and tools provided to us, in ways, that cause less harm than good, and in theory, no harm. We need to use hydrogen for fuels, created by the power of the wind and the sun, to eliminate carbon buildups, we burn oil, and natural gas, these are nature’s way of storing contamination, and we are putting it right back out there. We burn hydrogen, we make CLEAN WATER.
We use the wind and sun to create electric, and use the electric to create to fuel to heat our homes, and power our transportation.

This idea, along with some others I will discuss, are the ways of the future, that will bring us back within the system provided. Using the tools, we are given, and a mind to use those tools together, give us the power to thrive.